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Board Operations

Mission Statement, Vision, Core Values, and Core Themes
Mission Fulfillment
Board of Trustees Authority/Delegation
Board of Trustees Bylaws
Board of Trustees Organization
Board of Trustees Individual Authority
Board of Trustees Meetings
Board of Trustees Records of Board Action
Board of Trustees Trustee Responsibilities
Board of Trustees Job Description - Chair
Board of Trustees Job Description - Member
Delegation of Board Powers and Duties to the District Chancellor
Board Member Evaluation Checklist
Chancellor Search Policy
Chancellor Performance Review
Safety, Health, and Accident Prevention
Infectious Disease
Drug and Alcohol Workplace Prevention
Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Policy (Alcoholism and Drug Dependency)
District Smoking Policy
Threat Assessment
Employment of Part-time Faculty
Organ Donation and Life Giving
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Faculty and Staff Personnel

Faculty & Classified Collective Bargaining
Leave Provisions - Administrative Exempt Employees
Discipline/Corrective Action/Dismissal
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Personnel Records
Conflict of Interest
Academic Freedom
Professional Improvement
Faculty Tenure
Work Action
Medical Expense Plan for Eligible Employees of Pierce College
Board of Trustees Delegation of Scheduling Authority
Domestic Violence and the Workplace
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Student Personnel

Student Rights and Responsibilities/Student Code of Conduct
Student Records
Use of Human Subjects
Academic Standards
Scholarship Committee
Service Animals at Pierce College Facilities
Grade Forgiveness
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Instructional and Program Development

Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids & Services for Students with Disabilities
Academic Program
Associate Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas
Academic Calendar
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Sites and Facilities

Use of District Facilities
Regulation of Auxiliary Enterprises
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Publications and Information

Advertising of College Programs and Services
College Publications
Use of the Official College Logo
News Media Contact
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Fund Raising and Solicitation of Funds
Expenditures for Political Activities
Debts to the College
Authorization of Checking Account Signatures
Authorization for Investment of Cash Balances
Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fee Refunds
College Tuition Rate, Fees and Waivers
Cash Reserves
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Computer Information Systems Resources Acceptable Use
Limited Personal Use of Computers, Electronic Mail, the Internet and other Computer Information Systems Resources (CISR)
Pierce College District Web Sites
Pierce College District Web Privacy Notice
Accessible Technology
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General Policies

Pets and Other Animals on Campus
Copyrights and Patents
Fraudulent Certification
Public Records
Discrimination and Harassment
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