Pierce College Advanced Placement Procedure

The Advanced Placement (AP) program is sponsored by the College Board and consists of college-level courses and examinations for high school students. About fifteen (15) percent of the nation's high schools offer college-level AP courses, providing those classes deemed most appropriate for their students. Pierce College accepts credit for work done in this program in accordance with standards set by the instructional divisions of the college (see Table A on this page).

Students who receive AP scores of three (3), four (4) or five (5) in the approved subject areas will be granted Advanced Placement credit at Pierce College. All AP scores/courses will be posted to the Pierce College transcript with “P” (PASS) grades. These grades are not calculated into the cumulative or college-level grade point average. AP grades will be counted in the student's final degree evaluation. Table A indicates the amount of credit which may be awarded for each course. Advanced Placement credit and grades may also be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Advanced Placement credit may be earned in any of the following nine (9) subject areas:

  1. Art
  2. English
  3. Foreign Language (French, German, or Spanish)
  4. History
  5. Mathematics (Calculus, Computer Science & Statistics)
  6. Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
  7. Music Theory
  8. Psychology
  9. Political 


Students who wish to receive AP credit from Pierce College should follow these steps:

  1. Complete a Pierce College Admissions Application and return it to the Pierce College Admissions Office.
  2. Arrange to take the Advanced Placement exams at a high school that participates in the AP instruction and testing program. Exams for Advanced Placement are given once each year, during the middle of May, in many high schools. Students who wish to receive additional information about AP and how they may participate may request a free copy of the Guide to Advanced Placement from:
    College Board Publication Orders
    Box 2815
    Princeton, New Jersey 08541
  3. Request copies of your official Advanced Placement transcript to be sent to Pierce College.
  4. After successfully completing 15 credits of college-level (courses numbered 100 or higher) work at Pierce College with a 2.0 or higher grade point average, complete a Request for Credit Evaluation of Transcripts from Other Institutions form and submit it to the Pierce College Evaluations Office. (You may obtain these forms by contacting the Pierce College Evaluations Office.) Indicate “Advanced Placement” under the transcripts to be evaluated. You will be notified in writing regarding the AP credits which have been accepted by Pierce College. This process normally takes up to eight weeks. During peak graduation application processing periods, the process may take longer.

    Pierce College Evaluations Office
    9401 Farwest Drive SW
    Tacoma, WA 98498-1999
    253-964-6621 or 253-964-6610


There is no charge for Advanced Placement credit granted by Pierce College. However, prior to requesting an evaluation of Advanced Placement credits, a student must successfully complete 15 credits of college-level (courses numbered 100 or higher) work at Pierce College with a 2.0 or higher grade point average.

Effective Summer 2014 (B451)
Updated 10/10/17
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