Achieving the Dream

Our Goal

Pierce College is part of a national movement called Achieving the Dream (ATD), whose goal is to help more community college students stay in school and earn a college certificate or degree.

Students come to us with high hopes, but too many leave without completing the courses they take, earning certificates, or earning degrees. We want to learn what we can do as an institution to change that.

Our Approach

As part of the ATD movement, we are tracking the progress of students as they move through classes to see where they are successful and where they are not. This means we are using our data more intentionally and, in some cases, gathering new data to help us better understand what keeps students on our campus and what causes them to leave.

We then use this evidence to establish a culture of continuous improvement to our programs and service.

Our Results

As a result more students will succeed in their learning and earn a college certificate or degree with marketplace value.

Lives will be changed, possibilities will be realized, and more innovative and engaged learners will enrich our local and global communities.

For more specific details about the national Achieving the Dream movement please click here.

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