Meet Mary Bath-Balogh

Biological Science Professor
Science and Technology Division


When anatomy teacher Mary Bath-Balogh discusses something like the heart's mitral valve, her eyes light up, her lips part in a huge smile, and she can't contain her excitement. Frankly, she loves the human body and she's not ashamed to tell everyone about it.

"Energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. That's what I try to bring to it," she said. "(Anatomy and physiology) is such an enthusiastic and exciting course, so I can't help getting any other way about it."

A former ski instructor who initially aspired to become a doctor, Bath-Balogh never imagined she'd work more than 20 years as a teacher. Now, she can't imagine doing anything else.

"The human body is just extraordinary. There aren't enough superlatives to describe it," she said.