Meet Ryan Morris

Professor at Joint-Base Lewis McChord

Like most of his students in the Pierce College Military Program, science teacher Ryan Morris lived several different lives before finding himself at Pierce. A former zookeeper and crime scene investigator, Morris fell into teaching in 2005, and now considers it his calling.

"I've loved science all my life, and I want to spread it to everyone," he said. "It's fun to see the students grasp it, to see connections between their lives and the textbook."

Morris' students often have very complicated lives. Most are active-duty military personnel facing challenges of war, deployments, family obligations, and uncertainty, challenges not routinely faced by traditional college students. Morris finds a way to make it work, an effort that aligns with Pierce's commitment to ensuring students have access to education.

"Our students do have different pressures," he said. "But, the people at Pierce genuinely want the students to succeed. I've seen people do back flips to help students because this is a lifesaving experience."