Andrea Pollard, Flagging and SewingAndrea Pollard

Flagging and Traffic Control has been a continued part of Andrea Pollard’s career.  She started dispatching flaggers in 1978 and became the manager of the company until 2000. 

Teaching the concepts of flagging started in 1981 when Labor and Industries asked her to teach the class as an in-house instructor.  Since then, she has been teaching the classes and loves her job!!   Helping people find employment and the pure joy of seeing students learn a new trade is so rewarding. 

Flagging and Traffic Control is required for all construction and maintenance jobs. It is required in many fields of employment from a parking attendant at a concert to controlling traffic at a special event.

Andrea’s method of teaching is one that reflects 27 years of practice.  She likes to have the students interact, ask questions, give feedback, share ideas, and gives lots of help so that the student completes the class successfully.

Andrea occassionally steps out of her reflective gear to teach sewing classes for Continuing Education. She has a fun and creative Sewing Workshop where she teaches how to create one of a kind pillowcases for friends and family. A great gift or fund raising idea.


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