Arne Kainu

Pierce College Continuing Education instructor Arne Kainu has been interested in photography since he got his first Brownie Hawkeye roll film camera at age eight. While his work career led him to teach welding classes for Pierce College and Centralia College, he continued to attend classes and pursue his interest in photography as a member of the Professional Photographers of Washington. Now retired from full-time teaching, he has worked closely with Karyl Kolb serving as an assistant in her classes for the past year and has accompanied her on trips to photograph the Tall Ships exhibit, the Palouse, and Joseph, Oregon. Color slide film in 35 mm and 6 x 7 mm format is his preferred format, but he is now also using a digital camera. His favorite subject matter ranges from photographing people to nature. If you are wondering where he is in this photo, the dark shadow on the ground in the lower left of the photo is Arnie.

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