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Barbara Arnold has been a part-time instructor for Continuing Education and the Business and Technology program for nine years. She owns her own business, Arnold Services, a computer consulting and training firm in Tacoma. She has over 20 years experience in the computer and electronics industry and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Pacific Lutheran University.

Before coming to Pierce College, she spent numerous years writing and editing complex procedures into documents that anyone, from the electronic engineer to the newly hired worker, could understand. She also trained new and existing personnel in the use of computerized document tracking systems.

"I like teaching computer classes at Pierce. My previous experience has proved invaluable to me as I train new and experienced students in the continuing education classes. I like calming the fears of those new to computers and seeing how bold they become once they realize how easy it is to get their computer to do what they want it to do. My previous experience also helps me when working with the more experienced computer users. I try to break down the more complicated software functions into simpler, more easily understood steps and when I see them start to understand the concepts, it’s very rewarding. When my students say things such as: “ I’ve been using this software for years and I never knew it could do that”, it’s makes me feel that I have truly helped them. I also feel that being a business owner allows me to give real world examples of how my students can effectively use what they have learned. All the students that come through my classes are unique and special and it’s fun meeting so many new people from different walks of life. I am also very fortunate to be able to work with the supportive and knowledgeable continuing education staff of Pierce College."