Deb Collins, Celtic FiddleSarah Markovits

Deb Collins is a Pacific Northwestern native with an infectious passion for the ‘Fiddle’, which began back in 1974 and hasn’t stopped since. One lesson from Deb and it becomes very evident that she knows her "stuff." Her musical family background runs through her veins. While growing up, she was witness to many jam sessions in her home. Musicians would come and go, leaving behind their legacies, that encouraged her to pursue her current career in the music industry.  Her busy schedule takes her all over the Greater Puget Sound area into students' homes as well as her own. She also lands in a few local studios: Ted Brown Music Store in Tacoma and Kaleidoscope Music School in Issaquah.

At Pierce, she teaches two levels, one for the absolute beginner and the more advanced intermediate level.

Deb uses a blend of traditional “by-ear” methods as well as providing students with audio clips, as well as fiddle tabs or printed music for each tune. The "by-ear" method teaches students not to rely on the written music as you rarely see sheet music in local Celtic music jam sessions.

What her students have to say:

“Deb’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious – you have no other choice but to enjoy yourself while learning the play the fiddle. This is by far the most awesome class I have ever taken and I can’t wait until the next session starts!” Pamela Medina


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