Donna Van Duyn - Metaphysical & ReikiDonna Vanduyn

Donna Van Duyn teaches Awakening your Spiritual and Healing Power, Healing with River Stones and Crystals; The New Kids – Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow; Countdown to 2012:  The Awakening of Higher Consciousness & the New Earth; and The Lightbody Activation at Pierce College.

Donna is an avid student of the spiritual which started in her early 20s.  While raising her family and working, she continued to study a wide variety of topics.  She now pursues her passion, which is sharing the spiritual world.  With each class she teaches, she learns from the students who attend.  They share their stories and insights, and everyone benefits.  Students have expressed their excitement that Pierce College offers these classes as some have felt alone in their desire to learn about metaphysical topics.  They are grateful to find out that there are others just like them.  Donna is pleased about the strong friendships that have formed with many of the students.

Though the years Donna has received training in Reiki/Karuna Reiki, hypnosis, shamanism, nero-linguistic programming (NLP), Magnified Healing, Quantum Touch, Tibetan Singing Bowls, acutonics (tuning forks) and more.

In Spring Quarter 2009, she will teach two new classes:  Ho’oponopono – Living in Harmony; and Medicine Wheel: Creating a Sacred Circle in Your Home or Yard

Sharing these topics is a great pleasure for Donna.  Her strong belief is that as we strive to become better, more loving, and more peaceful human beings, that everything around us becomes better too.

What her students say about her classes...

"Thank you. I am looking forward to using what I have learned on people in my life that are special to me." Diane W.


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