Mike Stocke

Mike Stocke, Computer Applications

Mike Stocke started working with mainframe and personal computers for the Air Force in 1977.  His first home computer was a Tandy TRS-80 that stored data on cassette tapes and he has been upgrading ever since. Mike joined the Pierce College team in 1991 as a computer technician and began teaching basic computer skills and home computer tune up classes to Pierce students. 

As the Pierce College IT Director, Mike says, “If you are going work for or with any organization in the United States today you will most likely use Microsoft Office.  Staying current as technology changes is essential in today’s workplace and I love passing on what I have learned over the years to new users and getting everyone excited about what they can do.”

His unique teaching style makes the Computer Fast Track classes a fun and informative choice for those who are trying to get up to speed quickly. He also teaches, PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Windows 7, PC Troubleshooting, Cookies and Viruses and anything else he can talk us into.


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