Peeta Tinay - Basketry: Twinning TechniquesBeth and Fish

Peeta Tinay began her career 15 years ago in Berkeley, California, working for many years at a fine caning and restoration studio in the Bay Area. There, Peeta developed a love for museum-quality weaving, and a reputation for understanding of the structural aspects of quality wicker furniture. A move to the Pacific Northwest provided the opportunity to take her skill and passion in a new personal direction; Tinay Studio.

In establishing her own unique presence in the home furnishings market, Peeta can now be a guiding force in the evolution of wicker. "I want to challenge people's ideas of wicker; shatter preconceived ideas. Wicker is not always painted white or traditional and certainly doesn't have to be boring. The design possibilities for woven, lashed and wrapped reed are wide open. Furniture, window treatments, lighting, clothing accents and accessories are some of the arenas in which I am breaking new ground, and I’ve never been more excited!"

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