Sue Kopp-Casillas - Charcoal Drawing and Pastel Painting

Sue Kopp-Casillas

Artist, Sue Kopp-Casillas began drawing and painting when she was a child of four.  She studied graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. 

After graduation came marriage and children. Her family has had the good fortune to live in Panama and Mexico where exposure to other art cultures enriched her creativity. Throughout these and other moves around the United States, art making has been a constant.

“Teaching art classes at Pierce College is the perfect fit for me as an artist and a teacher. I admire the beginning art students I have taught and find them brave for trying something brand new.  I believe every person is capable of learning to draw and paint and it is my pleasure to nurture their new- found skills."

See samples of this instructors art work at her website:

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