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Begin to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos by studying astronomy at Pierce College.

Explore the following courses:

  • Survey of Astronomy
  • Intro to Astronomy
  • Survey of Astrobiology
  • The Solar System
  • Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmos.

Pierce offers these introductory courses in astronomy for students interested in the moon, planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. These fascinating courses can help you understand the science behind these incredible celestial bodies. Learn their motions, distances, magnitudes, and relationships to earth, and begin a journey toward greater understanding of all space.

Transfer Possibilities

Students typically working toward their transfer degree (Associate of Arts-Direct Transfer Associates) take a variety of courses designed to fulfill the general requirements of most four-year colleges and universities. Astronomy courses may be taken as electives and are especially valuable to students planning on majoring in this or a related field at a four-year school. Check with the school you wish to attend for detailed information on transfer requirements.

Tom Bush
Professor & Department Coordinator - Earth & Space Sciences

Hillary Stephens
Assistant Professor (FS)