Computer Information Systems (CIS) - Program Outcomes

Associate in Computer Network Administration Outcomes

Supervise Internship - Communicate effectively with users, peer and support personnel. Use phone support documentation.

  • Soft skills in dealing with users
  • Articulate to end users PC solutions
  • Train users
  • Bus 200 - phone support skills
  • Answer phone (email) requests for support

Student will be able to effectively prepare all documents for end users, support staff.

  • Eng 111 - Prep documentation
  • Perform site survey
  • Troubleshoot H/W S/W
  • Diagnose PC problems
  • Recognize various operating systems
  • Replace defective hardware equipment
  • Perform site survey

Graduates will be able to apply tech skills from various CNE class and chosen track in order to successfully configure network environments. (Problem solving, critical thinking)

  • Write scripts
  • Config DH OP
  • Activate accounts
  • Config and install net services
  • Administer active directory
  • Prep server for development
  • Upgrade computer servers printers
  • Configure routers switches
  • Config DNS
  • Reset PW
  • Deploy Of caps to desktop
  • Fabricate cables RJ-45

Certificate in Computer Systems Administration Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • Analyze, design and document computer network specifications to meet client needs.
  • Install and troubleshoot system hardware
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot client software applications and operating systems
  • Effectively communicate; orally and in writing
  • Use proper computer system and networking terminology
  • Design and conduct user training on application software and fundamental operating systems functions
  • Perform help desk functions

Related Instruction Outcomes

  • Communication: Graduates are able to communicate effectively to interpret and document system and network-wide requirements through their ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate rhetorical strategies in their own and another's writing.
  • Computation: Graduates utilize mathematical, symbolic, logical, graphical, geometric, or statistical analysis for the interpretation and solution of problems in the natural world and human society.
  • Human Relations: Graduates will be able to effectively work as a member of a group or team and appropriately respond to situations by examining the relationship between self, community, and environments, evaluating potential impacts and consequences of actions, and making ethical choices and contributions based on that examination and evaluation.

New Student Contact

Brandy Ferber-Christensen
Program Navigator

CIS Faculty

Donna Moran
Program Coordinator - CIS/CNE/HIT

Sean Moran
Assistant Professor Information Systems

Samuel Scott
CIS Instructor

CNE Faculty

Ciaran Bloomer
CNE Instructor

JBLM CNE Advisor

James Lett
Support Manager - Outreach and Student Success

Lab Support

Kyle Wherry
Lab Technician
253-912-2399 ext 8687

John Campbell
Lab Technician
253-912-2399 ext 8570


Charlee Joyce
Melanie Schuur
Robbie Smith
Martin (Cisco) Gonzales
Jonathan Harden