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In an industry where only change is constant, construction managers are tasked with managing a projects scope, schedule, budget, and quality while ensuring that the working conditions are safe. To accomplish this, construction managers need a general technical knowledge of the construction process, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of accounting procedures, business law, state and federal regulations, human relations and leadership.

Students enrolled in the construction management program a will master such topics as:

Reading blueprints Safety and accident prevention Sustainability
Construction documents Project management Economics
Materials and methods Scheduling Business
Building codes Communications Management
Estimating Accounting  

In addition, program graduates will make important connections with the local construction community through their internships and other networking opportunities.

Program Registration
Contact the program coordinator today to set up an advising appointment.

Most students need to take the COMPASS assessment to determine their placement in English and math.  Students also need a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Word and Excel.

Program length
Full-time students can complete the associate’s degree in seven quarters.  Full-time students can complete the certificate in four quarters.

Transfer possibilities
Pierce's Construction Management program is intended to give students the training and skills to immediately enter the workforce. However, there are a few transfer options available. Students wishing to transfer to another four-year program are advised to work closely with their program advisor to map out additional requirements.

Employment possibilities
Graduates from the Construction Management program are prepared for entry-level positions with general contractors, specialty contractors, government agencies, engineering and architecture firms, and construction suppliers.  Careers include project management, facilities management, estimating, planning, and as owner representatives.

Special notes
All construction management courses are taught in the evening to cater to working students.


Dolores Kelley
Faculty/Coordinator Construction Management