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A rewarding, high-paying career in corrections is available in just eleven weeks through Pierce College's Corrections/Protection Officer training program. Get the training you need, in the classroom and in the field, to land a corrections position in any public or private facility. Training includes courses in addressing and understanding difficult behavior, dealing with change, making decisions, effective leadership, corrections theory and practice, and much more.

This eleven-week program includes classroom instruction in such real world tasks as writing reports, completing resumes, and interviewing, followed by 160 hours of "on the job" training in a corrections internship. When finished, program graduates are ready to work in the corrections or security environment, in any jurisdictional level.

New classes start each quarter.

Register today
Contact Corrections Program Coordinator Cindy Bassage at (253) 912-3675 to learn about upcoming dates.

Students admitted to Pierce's Corrections/Protection Officer training program must pass a criminal history check. Evaluators are looking for patterns of behavior, misdemeanors, felonies, and deception. Personal integrity is key to success in this career field.

Program length
Earn a certificate and be ready to work in just eleven weeks.

Transfer possibilities
Twenty-one of the twenty-four credits required for this certificate are transferable to Pierce's associate's degree in Criminal Justice; the entire twenty credits are transferable to the Direct Transfer Associate (DTA), as well as to many four-year college programs.

Students intending to transfer into a four-year program are asked to work closely with their academic advisor.

Employment possibilities
Corrections is one of the fastest-growing career fields, and demand for qualified, trained workers is consistently high every year. This is an excellent transition program for people with military service. Eighty percent of students with prior military service, who have successfully completed the program from 2013-2015 have been hired in the field.

Cindy Bassage
Program Coordinator