Dental Hygiene Department - Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

Eligibility to apply for the Dental Hygiene program in January 2014 requires that a minimum of SIX of the eleven pre-dental hygiene courses be completed by the end of fall quarter 2013.

Complete BOTH classes from the list below by the end of the fall quarter
ENGL 103 Composition-Argumentation and Research
CHEM &121 Introduction to Inorganic, w/lab
Complete a minimum of THREE classes from the list below by the end of the fall quarter
CHEM &131 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry, w/lab
BIOL &241 Human Anatomy and Physiology I, w/lab
BIOL &242 Human Anatomy and Physiology II, w/lab
BIOL &260 Microbiology, w/lab
MATH &107 Math in Society   or   MATH &146, Intro to Statistics
NUTR &101 Nutrition
Complete a minimum of ONE class from the list below by the end of the fall quarter
SOC &101 Introduction to Sociology
CMST &101 Introduction to Communication
PSYC &100 Introduction to Psychology
BUS 240 Human Relations in the Workplace

Note: All 11 pre-dental hygiene courses listed above must be completed by the end of spring quarter 2014.


Students who attended another college/university, please refer to the Transfer Guide for a list of schools and courses that will automatically transfer to Pierce College for Dental Hygiene admission consideration. Pierce College Dental Hygiene uses the Eastern Washington University Transfer Guide to determine course eligibility.
If a student’s previous college is not listed on the Transfer Guide, they must complete and submit each course request using the online Course Transfer Request.

Note: Only the Dental Hygiene program director can determine course acceptance and transferability.

The Transfer Guide is subject to change at any time. Students concerned about transferring courses are encouraged to submit the Course Equivalency Worksheet. In general, courses listed as transferable in previous transfer guides are still valid (within five years) as transferable.


Minimum cumulative GPA for ALL pre-dental hygiene course = 3.3
Minimum GPA for any single course = 2.5


Pre-dental hygiene courses may only be repeated once, and the last grade earned is used for application acceptance. Grades in science, math, or English courses must be no more than five years old. Grades that are more than five years old will not count as repeats. Non-science courses have no time limitations.

Note: If courses taken in winter or spring quarter of the application year do not meet the minimum requirements of the 2.5 GPA per course, and/or if a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.3, it will result in disqualification of the application for that year.


All validated applicants must submit to a criminal background check. Please see After Validation for further details.




DH Program Advising information
Email: Voice: 253-964-6796

Fulltime Dental Hygiene Faculty

Monica Hospenthal
R.D.H., B.S., M.Ed.
Director of Dental Hygiene/ Fulltime Professor

Kathy B. Bassett
Fulltime Professor/Clinical Coordinator

Mary Galagan
Fulltime Professor/Community Health and Extramurals

Carolyn D. Roberton
Fulltime Professor, Liaison Student Chapter of ADHA

Postal Address

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom
Dental Hygiene Program
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