Dental Hygiene Department - After Acceptance

Congratulations! The Dental Hygiene Faculty welcomes you and anticipates your success in earning your associate in Dental Hygiene degree!


Step 1:

Return your Acceptance Notification and pay your $100 non-refundable Advanced Tuition Deposit by the deadline in your acceptance email.

Failure to return your Acceptance Notification or pay the Advanced Tuition Deposit by the deadline rescinds your offer of acceptance.

Step 2:

Submit your SPRING official transcript by the posted deadline. Please see the Application Checklist for directions.

*NOTE: Remember that all pre-dental hygiene courses must be completed by the end of spring quarter to maintain an offer of acceptance into the Dental Hygiene program for fall quarter. You must earn a 2.5 GPA in each remaining pre-dental hygiene course and maintain a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA for the total pre-dental hygiene courses.

Step 3:

Ensure that you have completed all health related requirements as listed below.

Medical Examination (within 6 months from start of program):

Evaluating general and musculo-skeletal health to include previous and current injuries and conditions to hands and arms (i.e. carpal tunnel, tendonitis, fractures, etc.), shoulders, neck and back (including muscles, tendons, bones, and/or nerves). In addition, this physical examination must include laboratory tests and update of immunizations as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or your health care provider.

Guidelines for immunizations, set by the CDC, are provided at the end of this section.

PPD/mantoux screening test for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (within 6 months from start of program):

Required at the time of acceptance into the program and annually thereafter. This is not an immunization, but a test of exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Documentation of a prior positive TB skin test and negative chest x-ray may substitute for TB testing.

Vision/Eye Examination that includes an evaluation of depth perception:

Students will be required to wear safety glasses (glasses with side shields) during the performance of all lab and clinical activities/procedures. Students who wear prescription glasses should consult with the clinical coordinator for acceptable eyewear options as some frame designs create difficulty in adding side shields to the frame.

Dental Examination (within 6 months from start of program):

Your first quarter of the program you will have a Digital, Full Survey of Oral Radiographs completed.

Please inform your dentist of this radiographic film series when you see him/her for your dental examination and treatment. We request that your medical exam and dental exam be within six months from the start of the school. Your dental treatment should include a preventive dental hygiene prophylaxis and most, if not all, restorative care. Remember, The Health Assessment Form is due to the dental hygiene department by September 1.

Comprehensive Current Medical Insurance:

Required for the duration of program enrollment.

Step 4:

Prepare to attend the Meet and Greet in July.

Also, be prepared to complete preliminary preparation/homework prior to the week-long, mandatory orientation session in September. Dates are included in your Welcome Packet.

Step 5:

Plan to pay and receive for your Pre-study Packet by July 30th.

DH Program Advising Information
Email: Voice: 253-964-6796

Fulltime Dental Hygiene Faculty

Monica Hospenthal
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Program Director/Fulltime Professor

Kathy B. Bassett
Fulltime Professor/Risk Management Officer

Mary Galagan
Fulltime Professor/Community Health and Extramurals

Carolyn D. Roberton
Fulltime Professor/Liaison
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