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Communicating ideas, sharing experiences, and using language are skills critical to all professions, as well as to daily life. Pierce College's English program incorporates study of a wide variety of literary genres with history and art courses to cultivate a broad understanding of those genres, as well as the cultures, issues, and events that shaped them.

Pierce College's English program exposes students to the skills, ideas, and literary works that are the foundation to a liberal arts education, and fulfill the basic transfer requirements for most colleges and universities.

Transfer Possibilities

Students planning to transfer as English majors should complete the requirements for an Associate of Arts-Direct Transfer Associate. Students intending to transfer to a four-year college are encouraged to work closely with their an academic advisor to ensure they meet the requirements of the college they wish to attend after Pierce.

English majors

The following courses are recommended, in addition to the AA-DTA courses, for English majors:

Literature emphasis:

  • ANTH& 100: Survey of anthropology
  • ART 105: Intro to art
  • ENGL 204: The Bible as literature
  • ENGL 205: Intro to mythology
  • ENGL 210: Intro to American literature
  • ENGL& 220: Intro to Shakespeare
  • ENGL& 226-228: British literature I-III
  • ENGL 239: World literature
  • ENGL& 244-246: American literature I-III
  • ENGL 264: Literature of U.S. slavery and abolition
  • ENGL 265: American literature: Humor and satire
  • ENGL 266: Women writers: International mosaic
  • HUM& 161-164: Western Thought and Culture I-IV
  • MUSC& 105: Music appreciation
  • PHIL& 101: Intro to philosophy

Composition emphasis:

  • ART 105: Intro to art
  • DRMA& 101: Intro to theatre
  • ENGL 103: Composition: Argumentation and research
  • ENGL& 111: Intro to literature
  • ENGL& 235: Technical writing
  • ENGL& 236-238: Creative writing I-III
  • ENGL 249: Creative writing: Special projects
  • HUM& 161-164: Western Thought and Culture I-IV
  • ENGL 256: English Composition - Portfolio
  • MUSC& 105: Music appreciation
  • PHIL& 101: Intro to philosophy
  • PSYC& 100: General psychology

English Lab

The Transitional Education Center offers English classes that provide additional one-on-one attention to assist students with the writing process. Classes are available in Developmental Writing, College-Level Writing, and Skills Classes.

Developmental Writing

The following courses are intended to prepare students for college-level writing. Assessment test scores may place students in the following courses:

  • ENGL 096: Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • ENGL 097: Paragraph composition
  • ENGL 098: Basic writing skills
  • ENGL 099: Introduction to composition

College-Level Writing

The following courses are required for many college programs and degrees:

  • ENGL& 101: English composition I
  • ENGL 103: Composition: Argumentation and research

Skills Classes

The following courses assist students with overcoming specific writing difficulties:

  • ENGL 090: Spelling
  • ENGL 091: Vocabulary
  • ENGL 093: Grammar usage
  • ENGL 094: Sentence combining
  • ENGL 095: Paragraph development
  • ENGL 104: College vocabulary
  • ENGL 105: Writing (Note: This course is for students who pass ENGL 099 but need additional skills before moving on to ENGL& 101.)

Endorsement for Written Communication

Students may earn an endorsement for written communication by completing a total of 23 credits in composition studies. The endorsement is awarded upon completion of a final capstone course, in which students generate a portfolio, showcasing what they believe is their best college writing.

View the endorsement steps

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