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The Humanities department offers a diverse curriculum of courses investigating the arts, thought and culture, and the relationship of the humanities with other disciplines.

Transfer Possibilities

Students working toward their transfer degree typically take a variety of courses designed to fulfill the general requirements of most four-year colleges and universities. Students intending to transfer to a four-year college for further training in the humanities field are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to ensure they meet the requirements of the college they wish to attend after Pierce.

Humanities courses

The following courses are recommended:

  • HIST& 126-128: World civilizations I-III
  • HIST& 156-158: History of the United States I-III

Additional specialized courses available for history majors:

  • HUM 106: Ethnic thought and culture
  • HUM 105: Black thought and culture
  • HUM 107: Latin American thought and culture
  • HUM 108: Asian thought and culture
  • HUM 120: Intro to folklore
  • HUM 140: Conversations and conflict studies
  • HUM& 161-164: Western Thought and Culture I-IV
  • HUM 204: American popular culture
  • HUM 210: American cinema and society
  • HUM 212: Great directors and auteurs
  • HUM 215: World cinema
  • HUM 240: World religions

Denise Hartley
English & Humanities Coordinator / Professor