Health Information Technology - Program Outcomes

HIIT Program Outcomes

  1. Incorporate technology to support and improve electronic medical records and health information exchange.

  2. Work with stakeholders to understand the healthcare organization.  Recommend comprehensive IT solutions to meet the business objectives

  3. Leverage IT best practices to analyze and present database and information resources that support the mission of the healthcare industry while complying with healthcare industry standards such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

  4. Model and develop database and/or data warehouse applications to meet user needs.

  5. Utilize data and business intelligence to consolidate, manipulate, integrate, and display health data

  6. Develop materials and conduct training for users

  7. Manage and coordinate or participate in projects with a team using industry standards and methods

Donna Moran
Program Lead, Health Informatics & Integrated Technology

Jim Hendricks
Faculty Emeritus

Brandy Ferber-Christensen
Health Informatics Integrated Technology Navigator