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Sociology is the study of society and human interaction. It deals with human relationships, development in groups, processes of social behavior, and social institutions such as the family, religion, and the economy. Courses in sociology are designed to stimulate critical and constructive attitudes toward society, to train persons in sociologically related career fields, and to help students become better prepared to handle the problems of a rapidly changing world.

Transfer possibilities

Students working toward their transfer degree typically take a variety of courses designed to fulfill the general requirements of most four-year colleges and universities. Students intending to transfer to a four-year college for further training in sociology are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to ensure they meet the requirements of the college they wish to attend after Pierce.

Sociology major

The following courses are recommended for students wishing to transfer as sociology majors:

  • ANTH& 100: Survey of anthropology (or ANTH& 104 or 106)
  • BIOL& 160: General biology w/lab
  • ENGL& 101: English composition I
  • ENGL 103: Composition: Argumentation and research
  • HIST& 126-128: World civilizations I or II or III
  • MATH& 141: Pre-calculus I
  • MATH& 146: Intro to statistics
  • PSYC& 100: General psychology
  • PSYC 210: Social psychology
  • SOC& 101: Intro to sociology
  • SOC& 201: Social problems
  • SOC 211: Marriage and the home
  • SOC 212: Sociology of death
  • SOC 220: Gender roles in society
  • SOC 280: Sociology of social work

Alan Kemp
Professor of Sociology

Leon Khalsa-Maulen
Psychology and Sociology Professor

Daniel Suh
Assistant Professor, Sociology