Advising - Registering for Classes

New and Former Students

Follow the steps on the Getting Started website.

Current Students

Current students are those currently taking classes at Pierce College, and can follow the steps below.

  1. Determine how to pay for tuition and books.

    If you are expecting to use financial aid, apply early. Check with the financial aid office and/or any other funding sources to make sure everything is in order before registration.

  2. Find out when to register.

    It is critical to register on time, as desired classes may fill up very quickly. At about the fourth week of the current quarter, go to MyPierce Student Portal.

    • Look for the "your registration time" link.
    • Enter your assigned SID (Student Identification number) and inquiry PIN (the default is your birthdate, MM/DD/YY).
    • The screen printout will indicate an "appointment time". However, the registration time and date is not an appointment; it is the soonest date and time that you may register.
    • This screen will also show the name of your faculty advisor. If you do not have a faculty advisor, you must check with the Welcome Center at Pierce Fort Steilacoom or the Advising Center at Pierce Puyallup to be assigned one.
  3. Determine what classes to take for the quarter and prepare to meet your faculty advisor.
  4. Make an appointment with your assigned faculty advisor during advising weeks.

    • Advising Weeks are usually sixth or seventh week of the quarter. Find the dates on the Academic Calendar.
    • Contact information for your faculty advisor is found in our directory.
    • Faculty office hours are found in MyPierce Student Portal.
    • At the meeting, discuss your progress and any concerns.
    • Review your class choices and education plan.
    • Ask for your Registration Access Code so that you may register online.
    • In certain cases, you may need to register via paper form, which most likely needs to be signed by your faculty advisor.
    • If you do not already have an educational plan, request that your faculty advisor help you make one at a separate appointment; this is critical to successful completion of a degree. Because of the amount of time needed to develop a plan, it is recommended you schedule this appointment outside of advising weeks.
    • If you have changed your major and/or do not have an assigned faculty advisor appropriate to your course of study, ask to see an advisor in the Welcome Center at Pierce Fort Steilacoom or the Advising Center at Pierce Puyallup.
  5. Find the links to register online at MyPierce Student Portal. In certain instances, you may need to register in-person with a completed and signed (by your faculty advisor) registration form, or via fax. Consult registration at (253) 964-6615) or your faculty advisor if you have questions.
  6. Pay tuition. If you are using financial aid, check with the financial aid office to confirm your award has been received.
  7. Buy books at the campus bookstore or the online bookstore.
  8. Be sure you have signed up for your official Pierce email account. This is the college's official means of communication with you. You may miss out on critical information if you do not sign up and check you mail regularly!

Hours of Operation

M-Th: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fri: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

* Hours may vary the first week of quarter and between quarters

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