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English / Writing
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. Over 90,000 entries feature 10,000 new words and senses, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, 900 full-page color illustrations, language notes and word-root appendices.
Bedford/St. Martin's ONLINE! A Handbook for citing electronic information. Roget's Interactive Thesaurus -- Each entry includes a brief definition, synonyms, antonyms (where appropriate), and concept, the general idea underlying the terms in the entry.
Purdue Online Writing Lab. Topics include: general writing concerns; English as a second language; grammar, punctuation, and spelling; research and documenting sources; professional writing; and writing across the curriculum.

Kahn Academy
Short videos showing how to complete several different math concepts including algebraic expressions, distance formula, Pythagorean Theorem, and Derivitives.
Convert from one measurement to another (liquid or distance).  Simply enter the quantity you have and select the original unit type and the type converting to.
Graph different equations on the same coordinate plane.  Enter the equation(s) and see how they graph with each other as well as see a table of values.  Trace each graph to find specific points.  Can be graphed in degree or radians.

Video tutorials covering several different topics from Trigonometry, limits, derivatives, integrals (antiderivatives), sequences and series, and linear algebra.  Pause the movie and watch it at your own speed until you feel confident in the material

Graphing Program

Easily calculate several different types of statistical data including: mean, median, mode; probability, binomial distribution, t-test, and correlation co-efficient.  Simply input the known data and instantly have the information calculated.
Interactive normal curve that allows you to see the area enclosed from a z-score and the mean as well as a left-tailed test or a right-tailed test.  Simply hover over the desired area for that z-score and watch the normal curve shade in.


Anatomy & Physiology
A virtual interactive experience about different parts of the Human Body including: The Brain, Skeleton, Human Heart, and Digestive Tract.  Take tours or play games.  Can be done in both Spanish and English.

Learn the key differences between Mitosis & Meiosis including visual representations.

Interactive Periodic Table showing the each element and it’s atomic mass. Select an element to hear how it is pronounced as well as basic information about the element as well as it’s classifications.  Can also select common compounds using that specific element.
Interactive game walking you through the process of balancing chemical equations.  Instantly know the correct answers and how they were gotten.


Free quizzes, download-ready study guides, question and answer area, and accounting dictionary.
Calculate the amount of a monthly payment when you know the Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Length of the loan, and the start date of the loan.


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Business Letter Format. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center illustrates how to write a business letter.

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