High School Completion (HSC) - High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) Requirements

The High School Proficiency Exam measures students' understanding of particular skills and knowledge. It is used by educators to improve teaching and to better meet the academic needs of students.

To be eligible to graduate from high school, students must demonstrate skills in reading, writing, and math. To meet these requirements, students have several options.

  • Pass the HSPE.
  • Pass a state-approved alternate test (available only after one try at the HSPE).
  • Students who receive special education services can use an alternate option, as outlined in the Washington Alternate Assessment System.
  • Students in the graduating classes of 2008-2012 may be eligible to graduate without passing the math portion of the HSPE if they continue to earn math credits and take the HSPE annually until graduation.

The Pierce College High School Completion program currently does not offer HSPE testing. However, all students who entered ninth grade in 2004 and beyond must meet the requirements listed above to receive a diploma through Pierce's High School Completion program.

Because of agreements Pierce has made with high schools, students who need to retake the HSPE will be able to do so at their high school.

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