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Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (I-BEST) is a unique program for students needing basic skills and professional-technical career training. I-BEST students are paired with an Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, or GED instructor, as well as a professional-technical program instructor for twice the support in each classroom.

This integrated approach tailors a student's education and training to the specific needs of the career they've chosen. This increases student success in the career training program and in life. The program is open to adult learners in the Adult Basic Education, General Education Development (GED), or English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

I-BEST provides students the support to:

  • Earn a college certificate that prepares them to work in a high-demand career.
  • Increase academic skills while earning college-level credits.
  • Increase their abilities and opportunities for employment in their chosen career field.

I-BEST career programs:

  • Nursing Assistant Certified. In just two academic quarters, students are prepared for the state's certification exam and to work as a certified nursing assistant. Students also earn 6.5 college credits.
  • Corrections/Protection Officer. In 11 weeks, this program trains students to work in the corrections and private security fields. Students are also prepared to take the state's certification exam to work as a protections officer. In addition, students earn 21 credits towards a two- and four-year degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Early Childhood Education. In two or three academic quarters, students can earn a certificate in Early Childhood Education and 25 credits toward a two-year degree in Early Childhood Education. Day and evening courses are available.
  • Integrated Business Technology. Students can earn a certificate in Integrated Business Technology and 36 credits toward a two-year degree in Business Information Technology. Day courses are available at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom and Puyallup.

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