Supplemental Instruction - Home

Supplemental Instruction is a peer-assisted study program that targets selected math and science courses. Study groups meet 2-4 times per week and attendance is free, voluntary, and open to all members of the class. The informal study sessions are facilitated by Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders who are proficient in the subject area and trained to empower students to earn better grades and complete their courses. The program aims to improve students' study skills and improve grades from one-half to a full grade point.

At the study sessions, students compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop study strategies, and prepare each other for tests. The SI Leader will also reinforce concepts from the classroom lectures, provide practice tests or quizzes, and share problem-solving techniques.

In eligible math and science classes, students will receive a short survey to let the SI Leader know your schedule. The leaders will then set up 2-4 study sessions per week at a time that accommodates the most students. Sessions typically start within the first two weeks of class. Students can also find information on SI-eligible classes in Room L-170 at Pierce Puyallup and in Room C-504 at Pierce Fort Steilacoom.

Program benefits

  • Attending SI study sessions maximizes study time. It has been proven that studying for an hour in a facilitated study group is the equivalent of studying for 2.5 hours alone.
  • Students meet new people in a friendly, open, supportive environment.
  • Students have broader understanding of the course material, are better prepared for tests and quizzes, and are able to review information discussed in classroom lectures.