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Pierce College Quality Matters Peer Reviews

What kinds of review are possible?

1. Most QM peer reviews at Pierce will be unofficial internal reviews. Completion of an Internal Review with a Quality Matters Coach is the best pathway to ensure that a course aligns with QM standards or to prepare a course for National Review.

Pierce College internal reviews involve the faculty member teaching the course, a QM coach and the QM Coordinator.

  • This process is informal and begins with arranged conferences/meetings between the faculty member and the QM coach to review the course and develop a list of recommended revisions or improvements to the course. The instructor will complete a self-review and the QM coach will complete a review of all QM standards and provide recommendations for improvements to the course.

  • After the coach and faculty member have met and discussed course recommendations and improvements, the QM Coordinator is available as needed to connect the instructor to available resources as the instructor makes improvements in the course.

  • It is highly recommended that the faculty member has taken the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric course prior to participating in an Internal Review.

Pierce College QM coaches are also online instructors themselves. They are trained to give positive and constructive feedback on course design and make recommendations for course improvement. They are not judging or evaluating individual instructors on their ability to teach online and it is a collaborative and supportive process for all involved. Pierce uses QM certified Master Reviewers or Peer Reviewers as QM coaches for internal reviews.

2. The QM Coordinator can also arrange for official Subscriber-managed or QM -managed National Reviews through QM. There is a fee for these types of reviews, however they do lead to national recognition when the course meets Quality Matters standards. For more information about submitting a course for National Review, please contact the Center for Engagement and Learning or the Pierce College eLearning director.

When should I get a course reviewed? What are the criteria for reviews?

Courses for QM Internal Review are typically for

  • brand new or re-designed courses
  • courses taught in hybrid or fully online modes
  • courses that have not been taught before.
  • courses have been taught at least once and the instructor is seeking coaching on how to re-design the course to meet QM standards.

Courses for a National Review must be

  • taught in hybrid or fully online modes only
  • taught in the current learning management system for at least two quarters (three quarters preferred). 

How do I initiate a review of a course?

Faculty seeking an internal review can contact Center for Engagement and Learning or the Pierce College eLearning director to discuss the process.

Faculty and programs that wish to complete reviews for National Review should also contact the Pierce QM Institutional Representatives to discuss the National Review process and available funding for these reviews.

What version of the rubric will be used in these reviews?

All reviews will use the full, annotated QM Rubric for course evaluation. QM periodically updates the rubric for continuous improvement.

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