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The Center of Excellence (COE) for Homeland Security at Pierce College is a coalition of all 34 Washington State Community and Technical Colleges plus public agencies, private sector organization and communities. The Center facilitates and coordinate homeland security initiatives and provides access or delivers education and training to prepare a skilled workforce to maintain our national security and serves as a liaison with business and industry to the college's faculty and administration. The Center works directly with the State Community and Technical College Safety, Security and Emergency Management Professionals (SSEMP) to apply state and national standards and practices across all the coalition colleges in the state to enhance the safety and security of the campus communities through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships which includes training and professional development. Through the Center's economic development initiatives, organizations and business receive technical assistance, expertise, information and research on current regional, state and national security initiatives.

Roundtable Event:
Protecting Supply Chain Security & Resilience

Date: Wednesday, October 15th
Location: Highline College Building 2
Hosts: CoEs for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management and Homeland Security-Emergency Management and UW Global Business Center
Time: 9 a.m. 3:30 p.m.
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  • WHAT: A one-day educational forum to examine the challenges to business in addressing the vulnerability of the supply chain and the need to develop resiliency plans.
  • HOW: Security and supply chain management experts will engage representatives from private and public sectors and educators in a discussion that illuminates the issues and skills required to secure the physical infrastructure, conveyances, and information assets of our supply chains.
  • WHY: The goal is to establish awareness of the need for education and training that integrates security and emergency management training into the supply chain management career pathway and build workforce capacity.

Event Description:

The National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security published in 2012 by the Department of Homeland Security identified the importance of efficient and secure transit of goods through the global supply chain. The supply chain is essential to Washington's and the US economy and security and is considered critical assets.

The purpose of event is to discuss the challenges to business in addressing disruptions to supply chains caused by natural disasters, criminal and terrorist networks seeking to exploit the system or use it as a means to adversely impact economic growth and productivity and what training and education needs are required for businesses for their workforce.

The National Strategy asks that we work in partnership with the private and public sectors to promote the efficient and secure movement of goods the first goal of the strategy is to promote timely, efficient flow of legitimate commerce while protecting and securing the supply chain from exploitation, and reducing its vulnerability to disruption.

To achieve this goal is to enhance the integrity of goods as they move though the global supply chain. Understanding and resolving threats early in the process, and strengthening the security of physical infrastructures, conveyances and information assets, will help to seek the maximization of trade through modernizing the supply infrastructure and processes of supply chain. Making sure to foster a resilient supply chain system in order for the preparation of withstanding evolving threats and hazards is in order to recover rapidly from disruptions. Prioritizing efforts to mitigate systematic vulnerabilities and refine plans to reconstitute the flow of commerce after disruptions is a way to help achieve this goal.

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