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For information and insight about homeland security.

To help inform and give insight into the many agencies working towards Homeland Security, links to various online newsletters from the state level to the federal level are listed on this page. Each publication is updated regularly, so the information may change as you come back to this page.

logo: Workforce Training Board

Workforce Training & Education Coordinating Board

The Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board has 11 members. Customers of the state's workforce development system – business and labor – make up a majority of its membership. Directors of key state agencies providing education, employment, and training services also serve on the Board.

The chair and members who represent business and labor are appointed by the Governor. The member representing targeted populations is appointed by the chair. Board decisions are reached through a collaborative process involving business and labor customers of the workforce development system, and the public and private agencies that make up the system.

logo: Emergency Management Division Homeland Security

EMD – Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division

This newsletter is full of information about emergency and disaster response information from around the state. The articles communicate information sharing at the local and federal levels.

Each publication has an index of articles that cover everything from statewide coordination and strategies, to urban programs, marine terrorism response, transit issues, FBI programs, guidebooks for emergency response and preparedness, incident response, law enforcement and security and preparedness goals to name a few.

This newsletter is published bi-monthly.

logo: National Governor's Association Best Practices

NGA Homeland Security News

Updates on homeland security and bio terrorism from the National Governors Association. This news format is a compilation of how the governors of the states coordinate emergency preparedness with the support of the federal government to effectively address natural disasters, accidents and other major emergencies including terrorist incidents.

There is news from the states, identity theft law updates, counter terrorism news, security in schools, information about immigration, governors' reports and press releases.

This newsletter is published weekly.

logo: Center for State Homeland Security

CSHS - Center for State Homeland Security

The Center for State Homeland Security news site is a national resource dedicated to supporting state and local governments as they carry out their crucial role in Homeland Security. The articles give information relevant to the nation at all levels of government and the private sector.

The Center is structured as a nonprofit collaboration among Homeland Security practitioners to jointly address state Homeland Security issues where scientific, technical and analytical expertise is required.

The items of interest are articles about nuclear protection, national icons, rail safety and other areas of national interest. The news site is constantly updated.

logo: Department of Homeland Security

DHS-Department of Homeland Security

News stories of interest to First Responders, Citizens, Business, Government and Employees. The press releases are updated every day.

logo: Center for Information Technology Excellence

The Center of Excellence for International Trade, Transportation and Logistics

The Center of Excellence for International Trade, Transportation and Logistics was established at Highline Community College in March 2007. These Centers serve as primary vehicles for the sector approach to economic development. Because they represent all community and technical colleges in Washington State they provide educational efficiencies and are able to respond quickly and efficiently to industry's changing needs.

logo: Center for Information Technology Excellence

Center for Information Technology Excellence

The National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET) is an NSF Advanced Technology Education Center in Information Technology located at Bellevue Community College, in Bellevue, Washington.

logo: Allied Health Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence Allied Health Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1, Fall 2006 Center of Excellence Allied Health Newsletter. Updated Quarterly. Allied Health Center of Excellence is located in Yakima, Wa.

Construction Center of Excellence Ground Floor Newsletter

Ground floor at the Pierce County Construction Partnership.
Volume 2, Number 5, Winter Newsletter, December 2007
Volume 2, Number 2, Spring Newsletter, April 2007.
Volume 2, Issue 28, Monthly Newsletter, October 2006.

Agriculture Center of Excellence Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 3, October 2006

The Agriculture Center of Excellence is located at Walla Walla Community College.

Emergency Management Division Logo

Washington State Emergency Management Division Newsletter

The Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division's Website provides you with useful and relevant information in regards to Homeland Security.

Setracon Inc. Holiday Newsletter

Setracon provides superior security, training, and consulting services for the Corporate Community, Law Enforcement, Private Security and the United States Military.

Washington Superintendent of Public Schools - http://www.k12.wa.us/safetycenter

News updates on legislative and non-legislative issues issues involving school safety.

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IACLEA, the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators - Membership E-Newsletter

IACLEA Members: The membership is composed of colleges, universities and secondary schools throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries as well as individual campus law enforcement directors and staff, criminal justice faculty members, municipal chiefs of police, companies offering campus law enforcement products and services, and individuals who support professionalism in campus law enforcement administration.

Their membership includes a subscription to their informational e-newsletter.

ICHS, The Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University - Subscribe to free E-Newsletter

Hear It Now

The weekly audio newsletter from the Integrative Center for Homeland Security. "Hear It Now" is a new concept in e-newsletters for the homeland security community. It is an audio newsletter, giving you instant access each week to six to eight interviews with key leaders at the federal, state and local levels of government, plus senior leaders in the private sector, academic community, and national press.

The newsletter arrives in your email weekly. It is free and we do not share our subscriber database with anyone.
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Subscribe to the PreventionED E-Newsletter

PreventionED - Safe and Supportive Schools News

The purpose of this listserv is to provide an information outlet for the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program and is available to the public. The content includes a newsletter, legislation, other Federal Programs grant opportunities.

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