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Download the entire PDF: Trends Analysis 2010-2011 (4.5mb)

Download the entire PDF: Trends Analysis 2007-2008

The Center of Excellence for Homeland Security at Pierce College is pleased to offer this 2010-2011 Trends Analysis report highlighting the growth in the field of Homeland Security. This report was modeled and similarly designed to the excellent Information Technology Trends Assessment, 2009-2010 report recently published by the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies and Washington Center for IT Excellence at Bellevue Community College.

This report provides a summary of how events conspired to make the field of Homeland Security one of the fastest growing fields in the US. It examines the complex nature of the threats we face as a nation, and the skills that are required of our workforce in order to meet the challenges of these threats. The unprecedented growth of the field of Homeland Security is not confined to one sector of the economy, but rather transcends all segments of the economy. While our nation faces very serious threats, academic institutions can and are playing a pivotal role in the education and training of the workforce in all sectors of our economy. Opportunities clearly exist for colleges and universities to develop certificate, credit and non-credit education and training programs to meet the threats we face. This report provides information on current and projected employment and job opportunities in the field, and the training and skills necessary to be effective in those jobs.

Beyond the identification of current and projected job opportunities in the field, this report also provides information on those industry disciplines designated by the Office for Domestic Preparedness (now the Office of Grants and Contracts) of the Department of Homeland Security that have training, equipment, organization and exercise requirements in the event of a major catastrophe. These industry disciplines include: Public Works, Public Health, Health Care, Emergency Management Agency, Hazardous Materials Personnel, Government Administrative, Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Emergency Medical Services, Public and Safety Communications. This report provides information on the specific skills related to Homeland Security that need to be integrated into existing curriculum in these areas to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from a major catastrophic event.

It is our sincere hope that you will find this information to be both useful and timely as your institution considers expanding or developing programs in the field of Homeland Security. We stand by willingly to assist you in any way that we can and would welcome your feedback or lessons learned from the field.

Download the entire PDF: Trends Analysis 2010-2011

Download the entire PDF: Trends Analysis 2007-2008

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