Counseling - What to Expect (Fort Steilacoom)

When you arrive for your appointment with the Faculty Counselor, you can expect to be given a Client Information form to be filled out by you. The information will be kept in a confidential file and will only be used by the Counselor to best serve you, the student, e.g., as a resource in order to get to know you and to learn of your concerns. In addition, you will be given two other forms: one is a handout from the Department of Health, which explains "What to Expect from Your Licensed Counselor": the other is an Informed Consent form. The latter form will be explained to you during your appointment: to explain what confidentiality means, what the limits of confidentiality are in a counseling setting, and whether or not you want to continue in the counseling process.

Counseling services can also take the form of a consultation. Often, faculty, staff, or students just want to discuss a concern, give input on a situation, or get more information or resources on an issue. This is scheduled as a consultation and probably no paperwork would be completed. Also, the Faculty Counselor will gladly meet with individuals who have no scheduled appointment-on a "walk-in" basis-if available.

Counseling sessions are meant to be private and confidential. Sessions usually last for about 50 minutes and can be scheduled for once a week, once every two weeks, or once a quarter. These aspects vary according to the needs of the student. If it is determined that long-term therapy would be beneficial, the Counselor can make an appropriate referral to a community resource.


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