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Associate's Degrees

Below you can find the associate and university transfer degrees offered at Pierce College You can find more indepth information in the catalog.

To help keep track of your credits, also download the Associate of Arts Worksheet and the Educational Planner Worksheet.

Associate's Degrees

The Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) is for liberal arts transfer students. It is also sometimes known as the DTA Associate degree. These degrees can be tailored to your university of choice.

The Associate of Science (AS-T) is for science transfer students and is offered on two tracks, depending on the field of study.

  • Track One is for science students who wish to focus on biological and environmental/resource sciences, geology and earth science, or chemistry.
  • Track Two is for students who wish to focus on engineering, computer science, physics, or atmospheric science.
Worksheets & Career Pathway Information
Associate of Arts (AA-DTA) WorksheetAssociate of Arts (AA-DTA) Career Pathway
Associate of Science (AS-T) Track 1 WorksheetAssociate of Science (AS-T) Track 1 Career Pathway
Associate of Science (AS-T) Track 2 WorksheetAssociate of Science (AS-T) Track 2 Career Pathway

University Transfer

Get your first two years of college done the easy, affordable way at Pierce College.

A university transfer degree from Pierce College satisfies the first two years of coursework required at four-year colleges and universities, but at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, you'll enjoy smaller class sizes, individual attention from instructors, and the convenience of a campus close to home.

Completion of any of the two-year degrees listed below allows transfer to any public four-year college in Washington. It is also possible to tailor your degree for transfer to the school of your choice. Student's Transfer Rights and Responsibilities

Get a jumpstart on a bachelor's degree and beyond at Pierce College today!

For a detailed explanation of the university transfer process at Pierce College, as well as online and other transfer resources, see the Step-by-Step University Transfer Process.

Direct Transfer Degrees

Direct transfer agreements (DTA) are also available in specific fields. These degrees satisfy the lower division general education (core) requirements and lower division degree-related requirements of four-year institutions.

Worksheets & Career Pathway Information
Associate in Business DTA/MRP WorksheetAssociate in Business DTA/MRP Career Pathway
Associate in Biology DTA/MRP WorksheetAssociate in Biology DTA/MRP Career Pathway
Associate in Construction Management (DTA/MRP) WorksheetAssociate in Construction Management (DTA/MRP) Career Pathway
Associate in Math Education (DTA) WorksheetAssociate in Math Education (DTA) Career Pathway
Associate in Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP WorksheetAssociate in Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP Career Pathway

Washington 45 is a list of courses that satisfy general education core requirements at all universities in the state. Students may take any course from the Washington 45 list and know it will satisfy core requirements at all public and private four-year colleges.

Archived Degrees

The following degree programs are not accepting new students. These degrees are available for archival purposes only. New students interested in education should contact Krissy Kim to discuss current degree options.

Understanding Transfer Requirements

Transfer requirements vary by university, so it's helpful to choose your transfer destination early. Review the requirements for your intended four-year school (transfer guides) from several local universities, as well as the requirements specific to your planned major. Then, meet regularly with your Pierce College advisor to ensure you're on track with those requirements.

Remember, your Pierce College advisor is here to help you get the courses you need to achieve your goals. They will work closely with you throughout your time at Pierce.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) defines policy for courses accepted for transfer at Washington's public colleges and universities. Guides for admissions deadlines and requirements for in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities are available for download here:

Students are advised to double-check those requirements with the university to ensure accuracy.

For more information, talk to your faculty advisor, visit a Pierce College advising center, or speak to an admissions officer from the four-year institution to which you plan to transfer.

Also, see Pierce College's University Transfer News and Resources blog for more information.

Requirements for All Transfer Degrees

While Pierce College allows students to earn more than 90 credits, some four-year institutions may allow no more than 90 credits to apply to your chosen field of study. Be sure to check with the four-year institution to determine their specific policy. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their courses are acceptable for transfer.

College preparatory courses, as well as those numbered below 100, are not acceptable for transfer.

Partner College Benefits for Students and Alumni

Pierce College has partnered with Central Washington University, Brandman University, Capella University, and Kaplan University to provide face-to-face and online degree programs for students and alumni at Pierce College.

  • Central Washington University: Find more information at
  • Capella University: You can contact Capella University at their web site at Or, call a Capella enrollment counselor at 888-642-0289.
  • Brandman University: To learn more, visit the Brandman University Web site at Or, call a Brandman enrollment counselor at 800-775-0102.
  • Kaplan University: You can contact Kaplan University at their website at or contacting an admissions counselor at 866-582-9512 or view their video.

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