Human Resources - Tips for Applying

Apply for each job separately
BEFORE you begin the online application process, we recommend that you review the open jobs within each job category, i.e., Exempt (professional and management), Faculty, Classified, and Hourly (part-time, non-permanent), located on the Pierce College Human Resources webpage at Print a copy of the job announcement for the open position for your reference. Begin the application process by selecting the "job category" for the open position. You are now ready to begin the online Application form which includes providing contact information, work experience, education, etc. Make sure you describe all relevant experience, education and training. Once this is completed, you can then apply for specific open position(s).

Provide all required documents
Be sure to complete and upload (online submission) all required documents asked for in the job announcement by the posted closing or review date. Most jobs require that you create a cover letter to expand and provide evidence of your qualifications as it pertains to each open position. This will enable you to highlight your qualifications unique to each position. For tips in writing a cover letter, see the WorkSource website at

Don't send pictures or provide personal information
Do not include photographs of yourself or personal information such as birth date, marital status, race, religion, social security number, etc. Pierce College provides an optional information form used for the collection of information for our Affirmative Action Program. This information is kept confidential and separate from your application materials.

Don't mail in supporting documents
Do not send supporting materials including resumes under separate cover. Unfortunately, these materials will NOT be reviewed. If the screening committee requires supporting documents, you will be contacted by a Human Resources or Screening Committee representative. All application materials become the property of the Pierce College District and will not be returned to the applicant.

Applying for part-time faculty positions
Applicants must complete the online application process. To be considered for part-time faculty positions, the "part-time" work schedule preference in step three must be selected. Positions are filled on an "as-needed" basis by the Department Coordinator through the appropriate instructional campus Division Chair using the online application system. As job openings occur, Department Coordinator will review the current online application pool and applicant selected for interview will be notified by telephone or email.