Professional/Technical Programs - Degree and Certificate Requirements

Associate in Technology - Specific Program

Students who complete the Associate in Technology degree in one of Pierce College's specific professional/technical programs will recieve a degree entititled with that program specialty. Refer to Areas of Study for specific degree programs offered through Pierce College.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 90 quarter credits or their equivalent, exclusive of physical education activity courses, including all specific requirements of an approved professional/technical program outlined in the Areas of Study listings.
  2. A minimum college cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 must be maintained.
  3. A minimum of 25 of the last 45 quarter credit hours must be earned at Pierce College. SOC/SOCAD military students may be exempt from this requirement.
  4. A minimum of 18 credits must be completed in related instruction. Related instruction areas include communications, computation and human relations. Related instruction content may be part of a course that specifically addresses the related instruction (e.g. ENGL& 101 for communications), may be embedded (listed in course objectives) within a program course, or may be a prerequisite to program admittance. Students may challenge courses or use an assessment process to satisfy selected related instruction.

Communications - A minimum of three credits*
Select course(s) from the AAS Communications Skills list, or complete the course(s) identified as the communications skill course(s) in the curriculum guide for the specific degree.

Computation - A minimum of three credits*
Select a course from the AAS Quantitative /Symbolic Reasoning Skills list, or complete the course(s) identified as the computation skills course(s) in the curriculum guide for the specific degree. In programs where no specific course has been identified, students must be assessed above the MATH 098 (Intermediate Algebra) level.

Human Relations - A minimim of three credits*
Complete the course(s) identified as the human relations course(s) in the curriculum guide for the specific degree.

* Related instruction skills may be embedded withing certain program courses.
Some programs may include additonal related instruction areas such as leadership and safety.

Associate in Technology - General

A graduate of any approved occupational/vocational program from an accredited college, military school, vocational/technical institute, technical college, licensed private college, vocational school, industry, apprentice-based training, or university may be granted up to 65 quarter credits toward the Associate in Technology - General degree. The remainder of the student's program shall include a minimum of 18 credits of related instruction. A minimum of three credits required in each of the following areas: communications, computation, and human relations. All related instruction courses must be numbered 100 or above and a minimum college cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 must be maintained. A total of 90 credits is required.

Professional/Technical Certificates

Professional/technical certificate programs emphasize basic, practical skills needed for entry-level employment. These are programs that generally can be completed in a short period of time, preparing a student with beginning job skills or providing knowledge and skills that are needed for advancement in a specific professional/technical area.

Certificates between 21-44 credits require that at least one-half of the credits be earned at Pierce College. All coursework must be completed at Pierce College for short-term programs and certificates of 20 credits or less. You must have a culumnative college-level GPA of 2.0 or higher.

A candidate for a certificate in a professional/technical program of at least 45 credits must earn a minimum of nine credits in related instruction, three each in communications, computation and human relations.

Related Instruction (18 credits minimum)

The following chart lists courses satisfying the Related Instruction components of professional/technical programs.

Related Instruction Suggested Course List

  • Communications * - Any AAS Communication Skill course; or BUS 105, BUS 106
  • Computation * - Any AAS Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning Skills course; or BUS 103, BUS 107, ECE161
  • Human Relations * - MNGT 130, PSYC& 100, PSYC 107, PSYC 108, PSYCH 150, PSYC 201, PSYC 210, SOC& 101, SOC 211

* Minimum of three credits


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