Student Success - Academic Deficiency

Students who enroll in five or more credits and fail to earn a 2.0 grade point average for the quarter will be considered academically deficient. Students will be notified via Pierce College Gmail of their status and given information about available resources and possible interventions to support their success.

Students who remain academically deficient for three consecutive quarters will be placed on a dismissal status and given an opportunity to appeal. Students who choose not to appeal will be dismissed for four quarters.

Academic Deficiency (Low Grades)

Academic Alert: The first quarter in which a student is enrolled in 5 or more credits and earns a quarterly grade point average of less than a 2.0, s/he will be placed on Academic Alert.

Academic Probation: Any student who is enrolled in 5 or more credits and whose quarterly grade point average falls below 2.0 for a second consecutive* quarter will be placed on academic probation. The student will remain on academic probation until their cumulative grade point average is above 2.0.

* Consecutive quarters is defined as the next quarter of enrollment whether or not it immediately follows the chronological dates of the previous quarter of enrollment.

Academic Dismissal: Students who are enrolled in 5 or more credits and begin a quarter on academic probation and earn less than a 2.0 grade point average for a third consecutive quarter will be placed on Academic Dismissal status and may be dismissed from the college. Students will be given an option to appeal the dismissal to an academic dismissal appeal hearing.

  • Students placed on Academic Dismissal will be notified in writing and given instructions related to the dismissal and appeal process.

Academic Dismissal Appeal: Students who are dismissed from the college for academic reasons may petition for conditional reinstatement and appeal the dismissal at a dismissal appeal hearing. Students who choose to appeal dismissal, and are reinstated on academic probation, must comply with the conditions and recommendations established at the appeal hearing.

Reinstatement: Students dismissed from Pierce College for academic reasons will be allowed to enroll at the college after they have served their dismissal, without appealing. Students who re-enroll after being dismissed for academic reasons will remain on academic probations until they earn a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average.

Early Reinstatement: Students dismissed from Pierce College for academic reasons who wish to be reinstated before the four (4) quarter time frame must submit a written appeal to the vice president for Learning and Student Success. The vice president or designee will consider the request and respond within two weeks.

These standards are not intended to supersede academic standards imposed by special academic or professional/technical programs (i.e., dental hygiene, veterinary technology, Running Start), or district contracted programs.
Student Services Council: 2/27/07

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