Student Success - Resources

Pierce College offers many services to help students be successful. Students struggling to understand course concepts and need further clarification are advised to visit the Academic Resource Center (Puyallup) or the Academic Support Center (Fort Steilacoom), or use eTutoring.

Pierce College can help students with:

  • Time management and study skills
  • eLearning success
  • Papers and research
  • Computers
  • Major/career exploration
  • Job search assistance
  • University transfer
  • Stress management
  • Money for college
  • Campus life/getting involved

Additionally, targeted services are available to eligible students. Students with health/medical/physical conditions that affect their abilities to study, attend class, or learn are encouraged to contact Access and Disability Services.

Military veterans and their family members are encouraged to contact the Veterans Services Office for information on educational benefits, the veteran community, and other resources.

First-generation college students (those whose parents did not earn bachelor degrees), low-income students, or students with a documented disability and academic need could be eligible for the TRiO program.

Time management and study skills
Time management is an important skill for college students. Learn to juggle work, school, and personal responsibilities by attending a free Student Success Workshop or enrolling in a credit class, such as COLLG 110 – College Student Success. Improve study skills by attending a free Student Success Workshop, visiting the Academic Resource Center (Puyallup) or the Academic Support Center (Fort Steilacoom), talking to professors, or enrolling in a College Success class.

eLearning success
eLearning classes could require a different approach to learning and studying. Our eLearning retention/success manager can help students decide if eLearning is a good option, or help students, get started and succeed in eLearning classes.

Papers and research
Writing skills are very important to student success in college. Visit the Writers' Studio at Fort Steilacoom or the Writers' Center in Puyallup for help brainstorming paper topics, creating an outline, or reviewing written work. Librarians are faculty members who specialize in finding information and are a great resource for research assistance.

Computer skills are also vital to college success. Pierce College offers a variety of classes in Computer (CMPTR) and Computer Information Systems (CIS). Students can also get help with computers in the campus Computer Labs and through the Academic Resource Center (Puyallup) or the Academic Support Center (Fort Steilacoom). Tutors can assist students in better understanding course concepts. Check the tutoring website for more information on hours of operation and how to access eTutoring.

Major/career exploration
The faculty cCounselor advisors in the Advising Centers can help undecided students choose a major and a career field. Call the Advising Center in Puyallup at: (253) 840-8431 or the Fort Steilacoom Welcome Center at: (253) 964-6705 to schedule a meeting with a faculty counselor advisor.

For information on specific majors/career fields, professors are great sources of information on their particular career fields.

Job search assistance
Job Connections can help students find jobs both off and on campus.

University Transfer
Transferring to a university takes planning. Students are assigned faculty advisors who can help with selection of courses for university transfer. Pierce's faculty counselor advisors can also assist students with preparing to transfer.

Stress management
College is an exciting, stressful time. Students can best cope with this stress by exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, and making time for family and friends. Pierce College also offers Student Success Workshops and Counseling Services to help manage stress. Take advantage of the Health Education Centers for some stress relief.

Money for college
Paying for tuition, books, and supplies on top of living expenses is a challenge for college students and it takes planning. There are multiple ways to find money for college and many types of financial assistance. Visit the Affordability page for information on money for college. Please check the Financial Aid webpage for information on grants and scholarships.

Jennifer Cooke
Retention and Transition Success Manager (FS)
(253) 964-6592

Tony Grace
Student Success Manager (eL)
(253) 912-3778
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