Student Success - Success Strategies

At Pierce College, we want students to be successful!

Here are some for staying at the top of your academic game:

  1. Be ready to participate in class. Participation is often calculated in the overall grade.
  2. Attendance is vital (if you do miss a class, contact your professor as soon as possible to make any arrangements).
  3. Get to know your professors; they can provide support and future recommendation letters.
  4. Develop good time management skills. For example, divide big assignments into manageable pieces and, use a schedule planner to track important due dates and other academic information.
  5. Don't procrastinate. For every hour of class time, two hours outside of class is needed to study.
  6. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it.
  7. Check opportunities to get involved on campus.

There are ways to improve your study skills. Pierce College offers College Success (COLLG) courses that can help you learn effective note-taking and time management skills. Before taking an eLearning or hybrid class, consider taking CIS 103: Online Learning: Getting Started.

Reminder: Know how to look up your faculty advisor information online and be aware of important dates during the quarter.

Be prepared to meet with your assigned faculty advisor during advising weeks to get advised every quarter. Your advisor will provide you with your Registration AccessCode. Once you have decided on a major, make sure you develop an academic plan with your advisor.

It is also important to use your Pierce College student Gmail account; it is the college's official means of communication with students.

Student Success Workshops

Pierce College offers free success workshops each quarter. These workshops are beneficial to students who are either undecided in their major or who are already planning to transfer.

Some examples of success workshops include: "Help, I am, new here!", "How to make Pierce College work for YOU! ", "Tools on student success" and "What is your major?" In addition, the Puyallup campus offers a Math Review Workshop, which is a math refresher class for students that need to brush up on basic math skills. Keep an eye out for new workshops every quarter!

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