PierceWorks! - Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Processes

Goal-Setting and Decision-Making Processes

    Diversity training – learn to work effectively in culturally diverse teams:
  • Confront issues or problems in a timely, appropriate manner that allows for continued working relationships and completion of assignments and/or projects.
  • Listen to others, using the technique of paraphrasing.
  • Distinguish when it is appropriate to speak for yourself and when it is appropriate to speak on behalf of others.
  • How to include diverse voices in the decision-making process.
  • Use language, tone, gestures, and humor that do not offend others.
  • Recognize personal behaviors and attitudes that negatively impact others.
  • Support, encourage, and facilitate group members through affirmation and validation.
    Dependable strengths process:
  • Demonstrate how life skills and experiences create skills transferable to the workplace.
    Enhance the development of computer skills:
  • Microsoft Word, Windows, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Improve your computer knowledge to more accurately document critical information.
  • Increase keyboarding speed and accuracy.
  • Recognize computer language and components.
  • Use Windows to manage files and directories, switch between applications and share information between them.
  • Use Word to create documents.
  • Use Excel to develop a budget. Learn to enter data, create formulas, and work with the most common commands. Learn to use multiple spreadsheets.
  • Create supplemental material for presentations in PowerPoint.


Evelyn Brooks
Program Manager / Instructor - Pierce Works!

Gregory Kronlund
PT Staff

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