Workforce - Worker Retraining

The Worker Retraining program provides financial assistance for tuition and books during one quarter of your Professional and Technical pathway at Pierce College. The program is open to unemployed and dislocated workers, as well as veterans seeking to re-enter the workforce. This program is also open to veterans leaving military service, and to self-employed workers who are now unable to work due to an economic downturn.


  • Worker Retraining may pay tuition and books for the student's first quarter of training in the following professional/technical programs at Pierce College:
    Professional/Technical Program List
  • To be eligible, you must currently be receiving Washington state unemployment insurance benefits or have received them within the last 48 months, be about to or have separated from the military within the last 48 months, or meet other eligibility criteria.

Please contact Workforce for an appointment at 253-964-6265.

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