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ELearning students typically don’t have the benefit of literally sitting in on an in-person class to get an idea of how a professor’s class will flow and what the expectations are.

To help, Pierce College faculty members have developed brief ‘sit in on a class’ Tegrity recordings covering elements such as:

  • Where to find the syllabus and what parts to key in on
  • Faculty members's expectations (participation, bios, submissions, exams, etc)
  • Types of course content and how to navigate it (how the class is presented)
  • The importance of, and expectations for, the Discussion Forum
  • How to access and get feedback from the professor, and what students can expect from instruction.

Follow the links below to view various video presentations:

Link to Video
CIS 103 Wes Hamilton Sit In on This Class
PHYS 100 Les Uhrich Sit In on This Class
ESL Oral Communication Deb Ramirez Sit In on This Class



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