Through the gifts of friends and donors, the Foundation provides:


In 2014-15, the Foundation awarded $192,000 in scholarships to 114 students. Since 1997, the Pierce College Foundation has awarded more than $2 million in scholarships. Additionally, the Foundation gave $13,509 to assist students in emergency situations, and more than $32,000 to support basic needs of students who are veterans and active duty military.

The Pierce College Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, sex, or marital status in administration of its programs, awarding of scholarships, employment, or other activities.

Highlights from our 2015 Scholarship Luncheon

Distinguished Faculty
Award Winners

This $1,000 award honors one faculty member selected by college peers.
Year Faculty Member
2015Mary Bath Balogh
2014Duncan McClinton
2013Curt Warmington
2012Ted Wood
2011Jo Anne Geron
2010John Lucas
2009Leslie Watts
2008Leon Khalsa-Maulen
2007Sharon Golightly
2006Bob Mohrbacher
2005Linda Saarela
2004Bill Orrange
2003Tom Bush
2002Mike Darcher
2001Mary Ann Toohey
2000Karen Colleran
1999Randy Leifson
1998Margaret Payne
1997Diane Downie/Morrie Pedersen
1996Doug Kerr
1995Robert Sager
1994Marty Lobdell
1993Doug Emory
1992Doug Saxby
1991Bill Krieger
1990Karen Harding
1989Virginia Younger
1988Roland Weis
1987Clarke St. Dennis
1986Steve Jaech

Previous Faculty Achievement
Award Winners

This $1,000 award honors one faculty member selected by the Executive Team.
YearFaculty Member
2015Monica Hospenthal
2014Sharon Camner
2013Beth Stevens
2012Judy DeJardin
2011Mary Bath-Balogh
2010David Lippman
2009Brian Martin
2008Christie Flynn
2007Sharon Golightly
2006Greg Brazell
2005Jon Kerr
2004Karen Harding
2003Sandy Lewis
2002Terry Teeple
2001Leslie Watts
2000Bob Mohrbacher
1999Karen Colleran
1998Donna Pagoria
1997Linda Saarela
1996Deb Falcioni
1995Doug Jensen
1994Linda Strever
1993Dr. Tom Schillar
1992Dr. Jere Knudtsen
1991Jean Murphy
1990Nancy Barker/Tom Jepsen
1989Barry Boyer
1988Mary Kay Brown
1987Jan Halverson