Through the gifts of friends and donors, the Foundation provides:


In 2012 the Foundation awarded $132,846 in scholarships, making a life-changing difference for the scores of students who were recipients. The Pierce College Foundation has awarded over $1.7 million in scholarships in 16 years.


The Exceptional Faculty Endowment Committee, made up of three faculty members, a vice president for student learning and success, a campus president and the executive director of the Pierce College Foundation, recommend to the Board of Trustees the following faculty be awarded funds from the Exceptional Faculty Endowment:

Pierce College Exceptional Faculty Endowment Committee Recommendation to the Board of Trustees June 2012

Hillary Stephens
Hillary will use her funds to attend two linked professional development opportunities – the commencement meeting for the New Faculty Experience for Two Year College Physics Instructors (a program she has been involved with for the past 18 months), and the American Association of Physics Teachers national meeting. Both activities take place in Philadelphia. At the New Faculty Experience, Hillary will share how she has implemented teaching and learning strategies in the classroom and learn from others as they share what they have done in their classes. At the American Association of Physics Conference, she plans on presenting a paper titled, “How to get our student to think like a geek,” where she shares how she integrates everyday experiences into the classroom.
Funds recommended: $1,400

Ken Owen
Ken will attend the American Choral Directors Association – the preeminent organization for choral musicians – in Texas. He will be involved in first hand demonstrations of what can be expected of students performing in ensembles at institutions like Pierce College. These conventions are also an invaluable resource to find materials relating to curriculum and performance that can greatly benefit students in the choral program at Pierce College.
Funds recommended: $1,337

Christie Flynn and Dale Blum
Christie Flynn and Dale Blum will conduct a Northwest Earth Institute discussion course at Pierce College. The materials and guidance of these courses address what people value and how they live related to food, health, transportation and household consumption. This group could be a combination of faculty, students and community members. More than 130,000 people worldwide have participated in NWEI discussion courses. By sparking the reflection and conversations that lead to change, the courses are designed to help translate inspiration to action and create real results.
Funds recommended: $873

Emily Wood
Emily attended the 2012 Open Education Conference in Vancouver, BC. This conference offers both theoretical and practical approaches to open education resource adoption and student success. She will learn best practices to support faculty, and will focus on the relationship between open education resource and student retention and completion. Upon returning from the conference, she will offer workshops to Pierce College faculty to share the information she gathered.
Funds recommended: $771

Janina Starr
Janina will use these funds to enroll in a deaf culture class through Gallaudet University to gain knowledge that will help students in her American Sign Language classes gain awareness of cultural issues in the deaf community. ASL is not just a language. For a full cultural experience, students need to be immersed into the culture and history of those who use the language. Janina will use the knowledge she gains to contribute to toward the creation of a Deaf Culture class as well as incorporate the content into the sequence of ASL classes from 121 to 223.
Funds recommended: $720

Beth Stevens
Beth will enroll in a class from Dr. Michael Honey at the University of Washington Tacoma, “Black Freedom Movement in Perspective.” She will use the knowledge she gains to enhance existing courses she teaches and hopes to create a new Humanities course specifically focusing on the Civil Rights Movement. Beth has a long-standing interest in the Civil Rights Movement, having taught courses including literature, music and art from the periods leading up to as well as during the Civil Rights era.
Funds recommended: $700

Distinguished Faculty
Award Winners

This award honors one faculty member each award as selected by their peers.
Year Faculty Member
2012Ted Wood
2011Jo Anne Geron
2010John Lucas
2009Leslie Watts
2008Leon Khalsa-Maulen
2007Sharon Golightly
2006Bob Mohrbacher
2005Linda Saarela
2004Bill Orrange
2003Tom Bush
2002Mike Darcher
2001Mary Ann Toohey
2000Karen Colleran
1999Randy Leifson
1998Margaret Payne
1997Diane Downie/Morrie Pedersen
1996Doug Kerr
1995Robert Sager
1994Marty Lobdell
1993Doug Emory
1992Doug Saxby
1991Bill Krieger
1990Karen Harding
1989Virginia Younger
1988Roland Weis
1987Clarke St. Dennis
1986Steve Jaech

Previous Faculty Achievement
Award Winners

This award honors one faculty member each award as selected by the college's Executive Team.
YearFaculty Member
2012Judy DeJardin
2011Mary Bath-Balogh
2010David Lippman
2009Brian Martin
2008Christie Flynn
2007Sharon Golightly
2006Greg Brazell
2005Jon Kerr
2004Karen Harding
2003Sandy Lewis
2002Terry Teeple
2001Leslie Watts
2000Bob Mohrbacher
1999Karen Colleran
1998Donna Pagoria
1997Linda Saarela
1996Deb Falcioni
1995Doug Jensen
1994Linda Strever
1993Dr. Tom Schillar
1992Dr. Jere Knudtsen
1991Jean Murphy
1990Nancy Barker/Tom Jepsen
1989Barry Boyer
1988Mary Kay Brown
1987Jan Halverson