Pierce College Foundation Board Members

Jeff Brown, CreoWorks

Jeff Brown
Board President,

Phil Yates, Secretary, Community Leader

Phil Yates
Community Leader

John Whipple

John Whipple
Community Leader

Frank Boykin

Frank Boykin
United Parcel Service

Chong (Kim) Dameron

Chong (Kim) Dameron
Community Leader

Susie Russell Hall, Secretary

Susan Russell Hall

Jonathan Harris, US Air Force

Jonathan Harris
US Air Force, retired

William Harrison

General William Harrison
Community Leader

Natalie Humphrey

Natalie Humphrey
Community Leader

Pat Lewis

Pat Lewis
Commencement Bank

Don Paradise

Don Paradise
Community Leader

Cindy Petersen, Costco Wholesale

Cindy Petersen
Costco Wholesale

Mike Smith, Comfort, Davies, and Smith

Mike Smith
Comfort, Davies,
and Smith

Beth Thomas, Pierce College faculty

Beth Thoms
Pierce College

Les Watts, Retired Pierce College Faculty

Les Watts
Retired Pierce
College Faculty

Jason Whalen

Jason Whalen
Ledger Square Law, P.S.

Nick Wold

Nick Wold
Sutton McCann & Company, PS


ex-officio members

Dr. Michele L. Johnson, Chancellor

Dr. Michele L. Johnson

Denise Yochum, President of Pierce College Fort Steilacoom

Denise Yochum
President of
Pierce College
Fort Steilacoom

Marty Cavaluzzi, President of Pierce College Puyallup

Dr. Marty Cavaluzzi
President of
Pierce College Puyallup

Angie Roarty, Chair of the Pierce College Board of Trustees

Angie Roarty
Pierce College Board of Trustees

Emeritus Members

  • John Ausnes, Sterling Savings Bank
  • Dan Bennett, Remax
  • John Collins, WICBA
  • Jeff Cutting, CIMCO
  • Don Hawkins, Past President
  • Patrick Kuo, Cascadia Development Corp.
  • Linda Dryden-Scheibal, Civic Activist
  • Laura Stoner, Civic Activist
  • Don Thomas, Civic Activist
  • Shan Vipond, Community Leader
  • Linda Evanson, Community Leader

Past Presidents of the Board

  • Linda (Dryden) Scheibal (1995 - 1998)
  • John Ausnes (1999 - 2000)
  • Laura Stoner (2001 - 2002)
  • Don Hawkins (2003 - 2004)
  • Steve Offenbecher (2005 - 2006)
  • Alece Cox (2007 - 2008)
  • Shan Vipond (2009)
  • Dan Bennett (2010)
  • Glen Zevenbergen (2011 - 2012)
  • Pat Lewis (2012-14)
  • Susan Russell Hall (2014-2015)