International Education - What Our Students Love About Pierce

Nguyen Tran

"I love the helpful international office staff and enjoy studying in the psychology program here at Pierce College!"

Nhi Ngoc Hoang "Vi"

"I love the library and the people at Pierce College!"

Hmway Mya Saint Aung

"I love the diversity and the friendly environment at Pierce College!"

Marie-Claude Assamoi Yobou
Ivory Coast

"At Pierce College I love the fact that the teachers really help the students to improve and believe they can succeed."

Ishtiaq Aftab

"I love the availability of on-line classes, and the use of Canvas for the on-line classroom at Pierce College."

Gunawan Setiadi

"I love the colorful buildings and helpful people at Pierce College."

Ameer Salman Ottamaliyekkal

"I love the fact that Pierce College is more colorful than a rainbow."

Amanda Shimizu

"I love how friendly people are at Pierce College!"

Zhijie (Kyle) Kong
PR China

"Thanks to Pierce College, I got admitted to University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I love it!"

Jessica de Oliveira Storrer

"I love the people at Pierce College. They are always willing to help!"

Leon Ndlovu
South Africa

"I love the kind International Office staff at Pierce College."

Saleema Bano

"I love the classroom environment at Pierce College."

Ashwini Sadanand

"I love the silent study area in the library and how Pierce College staff is supportive of my dreams."

Evan Luputra

"The theater and TV productions programs are what I love about Pierce College!"

Trang Vo

"I love the environment of the Pierce College cafeteria where I can have a fun time with many friends!"

Chau Hoa Man

"I love my American host family! My host mom is just like my real mom!"

Woohyun Lee
South Korea

"I love all the nice friends I have made here at Pierce College."

Marina Kinjo

"What I love about Pierce College is the people because they are always helpful to me. It's awesome here!"

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Pierce College International Programs
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