PierceTV - Archive - 2006


Mike Childers and Monica Nucciarone from our advising department, a 3D film montage from our beginning Digital Design students, Michael Darcher talking about our student literary arts magazine, SLAM, video games and photo fly-throughs produced by second year Digital Design students, a student film from Andrea Capere, the Pierce College Arboretum Project presented by Elysia Mbuja, Fred Metzger talking about our public speaking program and an animated Pierce College winter athletics schedule.


Instructor John Simpson, who has been an embedded photographer with our troops in Iraq, more 3D film from our Digital Design program, a student film from Scott Perry, information on our TRIO and Student Success programs from Terry Green and Monica Nucciarone, highlights from our Pierce College Raider volleyball and soccer teams, film shorts on the campus computer centers from Kandee Nelson and Tim Nalder, and a promo for the Pierce College Fall Play, "The Nerd."


More 3D film shorts, Sarah Olson talking about our school newspapers, a student film from Ashley Lindsey, advising and financial aid information from Monica Nucciarone and Maritza Baida-Medina, highlights from our fall sports including the season schedule, Aisha Dent talking about the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse, Cherry Tinker sharing information about Foundation scholarships and highlights from our digital photography students.


3D film shorts, a student film from Meredith Cook, advising information from Monica Nucciarone, highlights from our 23-7 Raider softball team, Micheal Darcher talking about SLAM, a film short on the Puyallup campus from Kandee Nelson, Cherry Tinker sharing information about the Child Care facilities soon to be open on both campuses and highlights from this years graduation ceremony.

Brian Martin
Digital Design Instructor