FS Employee Excellence Award: Mary Meulblok

Mary Meulblok (International Ed) was honored for her compassion, commitment to students, leadership, and tireless optimism. Said one nominator, "No matter how busy she is, she will not hesitate to help anyone…She is always ready with a hug, a solution, and a sympathetic ear. She handles hundreds of disasters with a positive ‘can do’ attitude and with amazing haste.” Another nominator pointed out a recent example of Mary’s dedication. When a student was seriously ill, Mary took her home and took care of her for an entire weekend. “She consistently goes above and beyond to help students improve themselves and to help them get what they need to be successful. They all love her and come see her regularly even after they have graduated and gone on to university.” Congratulations to Mary for living the Pierce mission and contributing to the positive environment of the college and the local community!


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