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First Name Last Name Job Title Department Site Office Location Staff Email Address Phone
Kyle Smith Adjunct Professor Mathematics Fort Lewis FTL/6242 KDSmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5640 Full Profile
Miguel Smith Retention Manager ASPIRE Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS301J MSmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2352 Full Profile
Sydnee Smith Reporter The Puyallup Post Puyallup PUY/CTR218 SSmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8769 Full Profile
Matthew Smith Peer Tutor Academic Support/Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS504 MISmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5347 Full Profile
Holly Smith Dean of Arts and Humanities District Arts and Humanities Fort Steilacoom FS/C368 & PUY/A102C HSmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6287 Full Profile
Davis Smith Adjunct Faculty Arts and Humanities FS DASmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5196 Full Profile
Tiffany Smith Nursing Faculty Health and Technology Puyallup PUY/AAH244 TGSmith@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3183 Full Profile
Andrew Snider Adjunct Assistant Professor Arts and Humanities Puyallup PUY/A102B ASnider@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-7326 X4081 Full Profile
Patrick Snipes IT Specialist 3 Information Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS288 PSnipes@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3185 Full Profile
Samuel Snoek-Brown Adjunct Faculty English Puyallup PUY/ADM102B SSnoek-Brown@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8645 Full Profile
Kevin Snow Intro Tutor Academic Support/Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS504 KSnow@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Carolina Snowden Office Assistant Registration Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS303 CSnowden@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5175 Full Profile
Maleleiga Sobczak Assistant to the Director of District Athletics District Athletics H308 MSobczak@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2294 Full Profile
Deidre Soileau VP for Strategic Advancement and Exec Dir Foundation Advancement/Foundation Puyallup PUY/A108B DSoileau@pierce.ctc.edu 253-864-3262 Full Profile
Megan Sokol Pioneer Staff Member Student Programs/Pioneer Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS323 MSokol@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5535 Full Profile
Phoenix Sol Ward Care Vet Tech Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS110O PSol@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5099 Full Profile
Ericka Solesbee Custodian 1 Custodial/Facilities Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS234 ESolesbee@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5501 Full Profile
Victoria Solheim Circulation and Technical Services Technician Library and Learning Resources Puyallup PY/L231 VSolheim@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8310 Full Profile
Blake Sorem Economics Professor/Coordinator Social Science Division Fort Steilacoom FS/O209 BSorem@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6648 Full Profile
Elizabeth Sorensen Art Gallery Curator Arts and Humanities Puyallup PUY/AAH245 ESorensen@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-7326 Ext. 5004 Full Profile
Don Sosnowski Executive Director Invista Performance Solutions DSosnowski@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Christalyn Sotelo PT Office Assistant Information Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/O285 CSotelo@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5814 Full Profile
Meghan Soukup EMT/Lab Tech EMS/Health and Technology Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS111 MSoukup@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5926 Full Profile
Kyle Souza Electronic Production Assistant MARCOM Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS316 KSouza@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5720 Full Profile
Cindy Spano Part Time Instructor Military Programs McChord MCC/327 CSpano@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6606 Full Profile
Blake Sparling Lab Tech Assistant Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom FS/OLY301 BSparling@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Matthew Spear IT Specialist 2 Information Technology Puyallup PY/C150 MSpear@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3722 Full Profile
Chance Spina Work Study Student Campus Safety Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS311 CSpina@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile
Jannette Spray P/T Chemistry Instructor Natural and Social Science Division Puyallup PUY/L121 JSpray@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8817 Full Profile
William Spurr Custodian 2 Maintenance Dept/Facilities Division Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS223 WSpurr@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5277 Full Profile
Miranda Stallman ESL Teaching Assistant Transitional Education Puyallup PUY/GKHS MStallman@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8961 Full Profile
Max Staples Peer Tutor Academic Support/Library and Learning Resources Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS504 MStaples@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5718 Full Profile
April Stapp Assistant Professor Sociology/Business and Social Science Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS367 AStapp@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2291 Full Profile
Reed Starks Supplemental Instructor (Mentor) Academic Support Services Puyallup PUY/CTR170 RStarks@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8965 Full Profile
Roxy Starler SI Mentor Tutoring Center Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS504 RStarler@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5968 Full Profile
Janina Starr ASL Instructor Arts and Humanities Division Puyallup PUY/AAH246 JStarr@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8315 Full Profile
Felecia Stenbakken Classroom Aide Garnero CDC Puyallup PUY/Garnero FStenbakken@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8809 Full Profile
Hillary Stephens Physics & Astronomy Professor Natural Science Division Fort Steilacoom FS/R471 HStephens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6540 Full Profile
Nicholas Stephens Adjunct Natural Science Fort Steilacoom FS/RAI NStephens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5182 Full Profile
Tim Stephens Grounds and Nursery Specialist 3 Facilities Fort Steilacoom FS/C250 TStephens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5391 Full Profile
Evan Sterbick Peer Tutor Tutoring Center/Division of Libraries and Resource Puyallup PUY/CTR170 ESterbick@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8994 Full Profile
Elizabeth Stevens English Professor Arts and Humanities Division Puyallup PUY/C190G EStevens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8493 Full Profile
Sandra Stevens FS Faculty and Coordinator Transitional Education Division Fort Steilacoom FS/C350 SWstevens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6758 Full Profile
Robert Stevens Part Time Faculty Business and Social Science Puyallup PUY/C290J RStevens@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8820 Full Profile
Duncan Stevenson Director of District Athletics District Athletics Fort Steilacoom FS/H305 DStevenson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-964-6612 Full Profile
Sabrina Stevenson Tutoring Center Manager Academic Support Center Fort Steilacoom FS/C504 or PY/C170 SStevenson@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-3637 Full Profile
Agnes Steward Dean of Student Success Student Services Puyallup PY/A120A ASteward@pierce.ctc.edu 253-840-8403 Full Profile
Samar Stewart VA Office Assistant Veterans Services Fort Steilacoom FS/CAS303 SHStewart@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 5546 Full Profile
Brian Stewart Library Aide Library Puyallup PUY/LSC212 BStewart@pierce.ctc.edu 253-912-2399 ext 8519 Full Profile
Robert Stewart Peer Tutor Tutoring Center/Division of Libraries and Resource Puyallup PUY/CTR170 RStewart@pierce.ctc.edu Full Profile