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Staff Department Email Phone
Amy Foster Marketing and Communications 253-864-3236
Ann Stolz Business and Social Science Division 253-912-2399 ext 5489
Brian Benedetti Advancement 253-864-3235
Betty Boushey Natural Sciences, Applied Technology & Allied Health 253-912-2399 ext 6188
Brian Martin Arts and Humanities Division 253-964-6473
Bill Orrange Transitional Educational Division 253-964-6714
Blake Sorem Social Science Division 253-964-6648
Charles Brewer Business and Social Science 253-964-6679
Cindy Spano Military Programs 253-964-6606
Dale Blum Natural Science Division 253-840-8368
Douglas Edison Faculty Emeritus
Deena Forsythe Human Resources 253-964-6586
David Lippman Natural Science Division 253-964-6762
Dorene Paulson Arts and Humanities 253-840-8330
Debbie Reece Business and Social Science None Available
Dan Reed Information Technology 253-964-6789
Donald Sanford Information Technology 253-964-6456
Don Woods Science and Technology Division 253-912-2399 ext 8608
John Besaw Business and Social Science 253-964-6679
Joseph Cates-Carney Natural Science Division 253-864-3399
Janina Starr Arts and Humanities Division 253-840-8315
Kathleen Beaumont Digital Design 253-840-8330
Krissy Kim Bus and Soc Sci Division 253-964-6542
Ken Murphy Marketing and Communications 253-864-3234
Kenneth Owen Arts and Humanities Division 253-864-3324
Kris Cummings Advancement 253-912-3629
Lana Hanford Military Prograrm 253-964-6564
Linda Saarela Business and Social Science 253-840-8360
Lynn Uglick Business and Social Science 253-840-8334
Les Uhrich Natural Science Division 253-964-6775
Mary Bath-Balogh Natural Science Division 253-964-6539
Monica Nucciarone Student Success/Welcome Center 253-964-6242
Michael Parks Arts and Humanities Division 253-964-6513
Paul Gerhardt Bus and Soc Sci Division 253-964-6429
Peter Kaslik Natural Science Division 253-964-6635
Philip Sheridan Military Programs
Rajesh Lal Natural Science Division 253-912-3744
Ronald May Applied Technology & Allied Health 253-964-6736
Ryan Morris Military Programs 253-964-6567
Renee Phoenix Center for Engagement and Learning 253-840-8485
Suzanne Lozano Business and Social Science 253-964-6637
Tom Bush Natural Science Division 253-840-8484
Tom Link Bus and Soc Sci Division 253-964-6316
Tommie Redwine Distance Learning - Extended 253-588-3603
Wendy Hinand Business and Social Science 253-840-8330
William Moulder Biology 253-964-6687