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Pierce College Math Department

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Office RAI 344 (Rainier Building, Fort Steilacoom Campus)
Office Phone (253) 964-6635
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10:00 - 10:50

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Fall 2016 Courses Announcements - Updated 12/1/2016

Math 96 7:40 - 8:50


Tuesday, December 6, Exam Chapter 4

Monday, December 12, Final Exam 8-10

Math 107  12:00 - 12:50

Wednesday, December 7 Computer Lab Sunrise 113

Wednesday, December 7, Project due at start of class

Friday, December 9, Exam on Chapter 5

Math 146 AH Statistics  1:00 - 2:05


Project Matrix

Swimming Data

Thursday, December 8, Project due.

Monday, December 12 Final exam 2-4.





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Practice for the Compass Placement Test.



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